About Us

A multidisciplinary studio with deep experience.
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About Us

Krate is a design + development studio, based in the Long Island City neighborhood of New York City, where we work among an ever-changing landscape of artist studios, taxi depots, print shops, and modern high-rises. Founded in 2004 by Jamie Kennard, Krate was born out of the possibilities of the digital world and the attention to quality and detail of traditional design. We have expertise built up over nearly 10 years of complex projects with clients large and small, local, and international, but we never walk into one thinking we know all the answers. The answers arise through a collaborative process of conversation, observation, and experimentation.

What We Do

Krate works with brands and agencies to transform their ideas into inspired, bespoke experiences for the web and beyond. We design & code a lot of websites, but also create identities, apps, social media tools, brand strategies, videos, and the occasional museum exhibition catalog.

We are a multidisciplinary shop that designs and develops in-house. Our staff are dedicated to their specialties, but with a keen awareness of the other disciplines at work—this means a smoother process and stronger result.

Our Clients

Our clients range from 2-person firms to ivy league universities with 50+ stakeholders spread across multiple departments and disciplines. We often maintain close working relationships with our clients well after a project launches, providing strategic design or development support, to ensure the long-term success of the project.

They all have one thing in common—a great idea.

Tell us about yours.